Report Bullying/Student Conflict

We believe one bully is one too many. We are committed to keeping our schools safe and inviting places for students to learn and grow. To that end, USD262 has adopted anti-bullying policies. When a child reports feeling targeted, intimidated, or unsafe due to bullying, our staff responds with timely and consistent procedures to stop bullying behavior.  We believe putting an end to bullying includes empowered students, trained staff, and involved parents armed with the most effective anti-bullying techniques and procedures.

Please submit any bullying issues using the Report Bullying/Student Conflict Link: Report Bullying Student Conflict

Be as specific and detailed as possible in your report. Please include the web-address of the page this information is located on if it is a cyberbullying report. Please identify the page with a brief description such as...twitter, facebook,ect...  

The Kansas School Safety Hotline (1-877-626-8203) became operative August 1, 1999, for use by students, parents, and community members in anonymously reporting any impending school violence.  As of August 1, 2013, 5,221 hotline calls were logged with 1,054 of them being referred to school districts and/or law enforcement agencies.