Daily Announcements

Valley Center Hornets

November 14, 2018



Equine Club: Please make sure you have voted on the bylaws, via the link sent to you by email, by the end of this week.


Students: to send your Transcript to a college or university, please

make those requests in Xello.


Students! Top Turkey has arrived and we need your help to raise $3000 for Valley Center Christmas Kids. Funds can be brought from November 12-16 and deposited in your favorite teacher's room. The middle school thinks they can bring in more money than the high school! What do you think? Are we going to let that happen?! Are you going to allow the building down the street to have bragging rights to this competition? I don't think so!! I think that is a challenge we can MEET and BEAT! We have done Top Turkey for years--we are the pros--so let's show them how Valley Center High School rolls--gobble, gobble!



Junior and Seniors - After Prom is encouraging you to take part in the Poinsettia sales from Nov 6-26. This is a big fundraiser for us and want to give you the best After prom we can. For every poinsettia you sell, you earn 5 tickets and if you sell 2 or more you get an additional 10 tickets. The tickets will be used for the night of After prom for some great prizes. Order forms were emailed to parents or you may pick one up in the office. 



Are you up for more competition? Join in the ALUMINUM CAN DRIVE starting November 26-30. Bring in your empty aluminum cans after Thanksgiving, deposit them in the commons area in the box for your class and you can earn COTY points for your class. We will cash in the cans and all proceeds will go to help Valley Center Christmas Kids. 



ATTN: Girls Group! We will have four positions to vote upon during our next advisory meeting, which is next Wednesday, November 14th in Mrs. Allen's room. The positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. If you wish to run and/or vote, you must be present for the meeting. Information on each position is located on our Google Classroom page. If you plan to run for an office, you will need to prepare a 1-3 minute speech about why you want the office and how you plan to be an effective leader. You may begin to campaign as early as today. Please bring any flyers to the office to be approved by Reyes for hanging in the building. Let Reyes, Lehr or Allen know if you have any questions.



The first Spanish Club meeting is November 14th. This will be the Día de Los Muertos party in Mrs. Kennedy's classroom.  



Coaches – just a reminder to please not accept any paperwork – it MUST be turned in to the Athletic Department.




Anyone interested in trying out for bowling will need to meet in the Aux gym on November 14th during Advisory.




Attention Students: sign up for College Visits here!

Visits will take place during activity period in the library, on November 14.


Visits for November 14th are as follows:

  • Wichita State University
  • Bethel College




After School Tutoring


If you need a quiet place to work, access to a computer and internet, or one on one help in your classes, make sure to take advantage of this free service. After school tutoring is located in the library every Monday-Thursday from 3:00 P.M.-4:30 P.M.



  • Monday: Ms. Brill (English Language Arts)
  • Tuesday: Mr. Owens (Math)
  • Wednesday: Mrs. Ditton (English Language Arts)
  • Thursday: Mr. Owens (Math)