Dual Credit

Dual and Concurrent Credit Options

VHS Policy:  Students must have a minimum (current and cumulative) GPA of 2.0 in order to enroll. 

Dual Credit/Concurrent Credit courses are available for Sophomores-Seniors, prerequisites and academic test scores apply to some courses. Note, most courses are for juniors/seniors.

Check for Kansas Board of Regents Transferability HERE

Institution Institution's Course Number Collge Lvl Course Name Credit Hours VCHS Course Name
WSU Tech ENG101 Composition 1 3 College Credit Senior English (sem 1)
WSU Tech ENG102 Composition 1 3 College Credit Senior English (sem 2)
WSU Tech MTH112 College Algebra 3 College Algebra (sem 2)
WSU Tech MTH112 College Algebra 3 Precalc (sem 1)
WSU Tech MTH113 Trigonometry 3 Precalc (sem 2)
WSU Tech POL101 American Government 3 College Credit Government
WSU Tech PSY101 General Psycholgy 3 Psychology
WSU Tech SOC101 Sociology 3 Sociology
WSU Tech SPH101 Public Speeking 3 College Credit Speech
WSU Tech PHS120 General Physics 5 Physics
WSU Tech FOL101 Spanish I 5 Spanish III
WSU Tech FOL102 Spanish II 5 Spanish IV
WSU Tech MTH125 Calculus 1 5 AP Calculus
WSU Tech MTH120 Elementary Statistics 3 AP Statistics (sem 2)
WSU Tech CHM110 General Chemistry 5 Chemistry II
WSU Tech CHM125 Chemistry I 5 AP Chemistry
WSU Tech BIO130 Biology 5 Biology II
WSU Tech BIO150 Human Anatomy & Physiology 5 Human Anatomy & Physiology
WSU Tech CPP100 Introductory Craft Skills 3 Carpentry I (sem 1)
WSU Tech CPP105 Carpentry Basics 4 Carpentry I (sem 2)
WSU Tech GRA101 Technical Drafting I 1 Architectual Design I
WSU Tech TAS131 Engine Performance I 3 General Services II
WSU Tech AVC110 Safety/OSHA 10 1 General Services II
WSU Tech TAS124 Electrical I 3 General Services II
WSU Tech TAS123 Steering & Suspension I 4 General Services III
WSU Tech TAS126 Manual Trans/Transaxle Drive 4 General Services III
WSU Tech TAS133 Brakes I 3 General Services III
WSU Tech TAS134 Brakes II 1 General Services III
WSU Tech BUS200 Principles of Management 3 Business Management
WSU Tech ACC105 Fundamentals of Accounting 3 Accounting I
WSU Tech ACC160 Principles of Accounting 3 Advanced Accounting
WSU Tech BUS140 Principles of Marketing 3 Marketing I
Varies Varies Varies by institution 3 AP Language & Composittion
Varies Varies Varies by institution 3 AP Literature
WSU Tech ALH101 Medical Terminology 3 Medical Terminology
WSU Tech GRA101 Certified Nursing Assist 5 Certified Nursing Assist
WSU Tech HHA100 Home Health Aid 2 Home Health Aide
WSU Tech Varies Block Programs Varies 8-13 "WSU Tech Vo-Tech Training"
WSU Tech Varies Various Classes (Online) Typically 3 "College Credit"
Butler CC Varies by Dept Personal Development 1 "College Credit"
Butler CC IN162 Game Storyline 3 "College Credit"
Butler CC IN171 Photoshop Fundamentals 3 "College Credit"
Butler CC IN174 Stop Motion Animation 3 "College Credit"
Butler CC IN183 Digital Video Production I 3 "College Credit"
Other courses NOT on this list are permissable, visit with your HS Counselor or the Post Secondary Coordinator for details

WSU Tech, Block Programs for Juniors & Seniors Only
-Programs of Study

  • Auto Service 
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Business
  • Climate & Energy Control Tech (HVAC)
  • Construction Science
  • Composites/Sheetmetal
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Interior Design
  • IT Systems
  • Machining
  • Maintenance & Reliability 
  • Police Science
  • Robotics
  • Welding
  • Students may take other WSU Tech courses  both DC courses taught by VCHS staff, and online courses. 
  • WSU Tech High School Page
  • Transportation for Block Programs is provided FREE of charge to all HS students. 

Butler Community College Early  College Academies-Butler of Andover

  • Business Academy
  • Engineering Technology Academy
  • Information Technology Academy
  • Transportation is NOT provided for BCC students.  Most VCHS students enroll in their online academies. 

Hutchinson Community College Block Programs-Newton Career & Technical Education

  • Agriculture
  • Health Science:  Emergency Medical Technician
  • Production-Precision Machining
  • Production-Welding
  • Transportation for NCTE is provided FREE of charge to all HS students.