Above the Influence
A large resource of materials for substance abuse prevention; created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (7-12)
BAM (Body and Mind) Create your own activity calendar; take a personality quiz; learn survival skills; become a Disease Detective and more (K-6)
Bodywise-Facts About Eating Disorders Informative site about various eating disorders (7-12)
Child & Youth Health Findinformation for being a healthy, happy kid (K-6)
EThemes Links to sites about the various body systems (K-8)
First Aid Action A fully interactive first aid course from the BBC (9-12)
Freevibe Brought to you by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (9-12)

Health Careers

Health opportunities for today and tomorrow; searchable by occupation to learn what that job specifically involves (9-12)

HealthFinder Activities and information (1-6)
HHS Pages for Kids U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; facts about toxic substances and the environment; The Bike Hub; food safety coloring book; Global health Odyssey; and more (K-6)

HIV Basics and Prevention

Articles and resources on HIV (9-12)

Human Kinetics Collection of links on sport and fitness topics, academic and professional subjects (9-12)
KidsHealth Various physical and mental health topics(K-6)
Kids Health Galaxy Interactive site which games and a medical library, sponsored by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (K-6)
Learn to be Healthy Comprehensive lesson plans, interactive games and activities, WebQuests, and much more (K-6)
Medicine Plus Interactive Tutorials on many health conditions and prevention (7-12)
Mouth Power Interactive game to learn how to keep a healthy mouth, sponsored by the University of Maryland-Baltimore. (K-6)

PBS Lesson Search

Lesson plans and activities; searchable by grade range and lesson (K-12)

Real Age Cafe Body mass index (BMI) calculator (7-12)
Sara's Quest Developed for children to learn about the effects of drugs on their brain and body (K-6)
Scrub Club Interactive games, web episodes on hand washing and germs (K-3)

Teaching Health

Teaching health and using technology; variety of links (7-8)

Visit the Dentist with Marty Interactive game to teach good dental hygiene (K-4)

Body Systems

BodyWorks Games Interactive games on how the body works (2-6)
Body Systems Information, animations, games, activities; KidsHealth site (K-12)
The Heart: An Online Exploration Explore the heart and how it works (3-8)
Heart Anatomy Interactive interior view of the heart (7-12)
Human Body ThinkQuest A ThinkQuest interactive tour of the human body (K-6)

It's My Life

PBS for Kids; facts and links about body topics (6-12)

Human Anatomy Online Animations, graphics, and descriptive links(3-12) Interactive site; games and activities (3-7)

Lets Learn About Your Heart

Interactive tour of the heart, how it works, and how to keep it healthy (K-3)

Science Human Body Multiple interactive informational activities and resources (K-12)
Virtual Body Interactive tour of the brain, skeleton, heart, and digestive tract (7-12)
Virtual Knee Surgery

Take on the role of the Surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery (7-12)

Web Anatomy Online interactive quizzes about the various systems of the body (7-12)


Build a Food Pyramid Find out the shape of your food pyramid (4-12)
Center for Nutrition United States Department of Agriculture web site on nutrition;resources on dietary guidelines; food pyramids; recipes for healthy eating (K-12)
Dole 5 A Day Activities, games, information (K-12)
Ed Tech Lesson Plans, online activities, and websites on various nutrition topics (K-12)
Food A Fact of Life
Comprehensive and progressive approach to teaching about food, cooking and healthy eating; includes support, downloadable resources, and whiteboard activities (K-6)
Gatorade Sports Science Institute Resources for sports nutrition and exercise science (9-12)
My Pyramid USDA's website with information, nutrition plans, and games using the new food pyramid (K-12)
NATS - Nutrition Analysis Tools & System Online lookup analyzing the nutrient content of foods (7-12)
Nutrition Cafe Resources, links and activities (K-12)
Nutrition and Food Links to web sites for nutrition and food (K-12)
Nutrition Explorations Dairy Council; includes brochures, booklets, curriculum
aids, posters, games (1-8)


Links to vitamins and minerals (7-12)

Zip 4 Tweens Online nutrition games and recipes (4-8)
MD Anderson Cancer Center Facts and information about smoking (7-12)


PBS for Kids look at health hazards related to smoking; includes topics and prevention (6-12)

TeensHealth look at Smoking

How smoking affects your health (6-12)

Tobacco Information and Prevention

National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Tips, research, free materials (7-12)

Tobacco Quiz

American Lung Association tobacco quiz (7-12)

Unfiltered TV Facts and information about the dangers of tobacco, interactive features, ways to get involved in the real-world, news stories, contests (6-12)

Physical Education

Games and Physical Education Resources Many physical education resources (K-12)
justsoccerdrills A collection of practices and games,tried and testedover a period of
20 years (3-12)
Playground fun Traditional and modern playground and street games (1-3)
PECentral Lesson Ideas, Assessment Ideas, Best Practices, and Adapted Physical Education (K-12)
pelinks4u A lengthy list of physical education associations, sites, vendors, and lesson collections (K-12)
Physical Education Online Activities to address student outcomes (K-12)
Sports Media Click > Database>Lesson Plans for a wealth of ideas and links (K-12)
Sports Plan Interactive web based solutions for teachers, coaches and players (6-12)
Teach P.E. Interactive quizzes, information, links (7-12)
Sports Central Information, history, changes of major sports(7-12)
Sports Injury Clinic Information on over 90 sport injuries; Virtual Therapist (7-12)
Virtual Library of Sport "One stop shop for quality sports resources on the internet" (3-12)


Animated Plays Animations of basketball plays used by the nation's top high school and college teams (5-12)
Coaches Clipboard Articles, plays, player tips, animated diagrams, video clips for coaches and players (5-12)

Coach Meyer Basketball

Northern State University Basketball Coaches website; includes various basketball literature and coaching materials (9-12)
Strength Training
Coach Like a Pro Basketball weight training program (7-12)
KW Sport Zone Strength and weight training (7-12)
Georgia State University Basics of strength training (7-12)