Reading Resources Instructional Resources
Reading Strategy Posters 2-3 (Level II) Classroom Posters-blue (required) (pdf)
2-3 (Level II) Student Reference-blue (required) (pdf)
4 and Above Accuracy Posters (pdf)
4 and Above Accuracy Student Reference (pdf)

Fluency Classroom Posters-light blue (required) (pdf)
Fluency One-Page Poster-light blue (required) (pdf)

Comprehension Classroom Posters-green (required) (pdf)
Comprehension Student Reference-green (required) (pdf)
Books Available in our District Abilene Book List (pdf)
West Book List (pdf)
Wheatland Book List (pdf)
Middle School Book List (pdf)
High School Book List (pdf)
Fry Word Lists Master List and Word Cards (pdf)

Fry Word Phrase PowerPoints:
First 100 Words
Second 100 Words
Third 100 Words
Fourth 100 Words
Fifth 100 Words
Sixth 100 Words
Guided Reading Grade Level Gradual Release Lesson Plan Framework-Reading
*Third Grade
*Fourth Grade
*Fifth Grade

Tic-Tac-Toe Example (Independent Activities) (word) 
Class Project Check-off

Connected Projects:
Read to 3

Creating Questions
Questioning (Expository)
Narrative Goal Structure Mapping
Text Structure Graphic Organizers
Postcard (Character, Setting, Conflict)

Independent Reading
Reader Response

Word Work
Sight Words Template
Prefixes and Suffixes

Vocabulary Page #1
Vocabulary Page #2
Literature Circles  
Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instructional Resources
Decoding Skills
Phonics Lesson Progression (pdf)
Word Learning Reference Sheet (pdf) Pounce- Word Recognition Game (website)  
Fluency Instructional Resources
Fluency Home Link

Fluency Phrasing Powerpoint
Vocabulary (Tested) Instructional Resources
Context Clues Understanding Words and Phrases in Context of a Story or Information Text Context Clues- Read and select the best answer to the question Study Zone - Test prep for context clues. Longman Vocabulary- Using Context Clues Exercises
Structural Analysis Prefix and Suffix List (required) Prefix The Prefix Mix- Online Game Study Zone - test prep for prefixes, suffixes, and root words  Prefix Millionaire- just like Who Wants to be a Millionaire with prefixes Practice Using Prefixes-   Root Word Root Words- BBC Factsheet, Worksheet and Quiz Word Roots at   Suffixes Suffixes Say A lot- Online Practice  
Figurative Language  
Reference Materials  
Comprehension (Tested) Instructional Resources
Text Features Reading Charts and Graphs Research Skills
Inferences/Drawing Conclusions   KidsReads Trivia Reading Comprehension at EdHelper  
Text Structures (Sequence, Problem-Solution, Cause-Effect, Description, Compare-Contrast) Elementary Posters (pdf)
Secondary Posters (pdf) Description Presentation (PPT)
Sequence Presentation (PPT)
Problem/Solution Presentation (PPT)
Cause/Effect Presentation  (PPT)
Compare/Contrast Presenation (PPT)
Graphic Organizers (can be used w/ PPTs above)
Text Structure Resources-booklist and strategies (pdf) North Carolina Graphic Organizers Signal Words Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers Scholastic: A Not-So-Glorious Victory Cause and Effect Pattern from Scholastic Compare and Contrast A Fishy Tale Problem and Solution Task Definition Strategies
Cause and Effect Relationships Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers Scholastic: A Not-So-Glorious Victory
Topic, Main Idea, Supporting Details, Theme Narrative: Goal Structure Mapping Poster (pdf)
Narrative Goal Structure  (PPT) Expository: Refer to Text Structure Posters Extra! Extra! What's The Big Idea?! - Newspaper Fun Identify the Main Idea - Studyzone Writing a Summary - Outline Just the Facts - Graphic Organizer
Author’s Purpose and Style  
Author’s Position  
Fact and Opinion  
Questioning Narrative Cue Card Questions (one page)
Making Connections Making Connections (
Connection Cards
Literary Elements (Tested) Instructional Resources
Character Development A Character's Feelings - Online Lesson Pookie's New Home - Online Practice
Plot Understanding Setting, Plot and Theme