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  FOUR Valley Center Schools named
      Kansas Schools of Character!

Abilene Elementary and West Elementary are both recipients of the Promising Practices Recognition for Social, Emotional and Character Development. Abilene submitted information on their T.E.A.M. Abilene Program.  T.E.A.M. (Teamwork, Effort, Achievement, and Motivating Others) is Abilene’s way of discovering new ways to increase student engagement, address bullying issues, involve the community, and promote student-friendly core values. West submitted information about their “FAB Families” program.  FAB = Family Activity Building.  Each student is in a “family” with an adult in the building.  Those “families” do monthly activities together.  This builds a sense of belonging for students.  They stay in the family until they move on to another school.

The Intermediate School is also a recipient of the Promising Practices Recognition for Social, Emotional and Character Development.  VCIS submitted applications for two promising practices and VCIS Counselor, Nicole Burdette, has confirmed that both will be recognized.  “Brew Crew” (Mrs. Tschetter’s class receives orders for morning coffee, then make, deliver and collect) was sponsored by Rebecca Tschetter, Danielle Vega and Vicki Dick.  The second submission was an English Language Arts unit designed by Kelsey Bloss and Sara Harrison called "Reach For The Stars”.

The Middle School is receiving the Enhanced Spotlight Recognition for Social, Emotional and Character Development. VCMS submitted information on programs they have implemented. These programs include ‘Character Cards’ which are hand written post cards highlighting the positive that teachers mail to students and also the Second-Step program.

The Kansas Schools of Character Recognition program recipients are schools and/or districts that have demonstrated education principles, which include creating a caring school community, engaging families and community members as partners in character-building efforts, fostering self-motivation, and implementing meaningful and challenging academic curriculum that respects all learners, develops character, and helps students succeed.

We will have photos and more details after the recipients return from the Banquet in Topeka, Kansas on May 4, 2017 where Kansas Education Commissioner Dr. Randy Watson and other dignitaries will provide remarks and honor the schools. 


If you have not yet re-enrolled your student for next year please do so by this Sunday.  Re-Enrollment for 2017-2018 year is continuing through Sunday, April 30. We have simplified the re-enrollment process this year. Hopefully it is easier now. Each student will need to have a form filled out for the building they will be attending next year. 

ALL six building links are listed below. Please make sure you choose the correct building for your student. If any questions call 316.755.7000.

Abilene Elementary School Re-Enrollment Link: 

West Elementary School Re-Enrollment Link: 

Wheatland Elementary School Re-Enrollment Link: 

Intermediate School Re-Enrollment Link: 

Middle School Re-Enrollment Link: 

High School Re-Enrollment Link: 

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