Hornets in Space

                                    Countdown to Launch

On April 7th, your Middle School will be launching Hornet 1, a weather balloon equipped with satellite locators, sensors, a camera, and artifacts to a height of over 100,000 feet (about 25 miles high). If you are interested in following our Hornets in Space activity, or would like to donate please visit our website and pay attention to Facebook and Twitter. A $25 donation can reserve you a genuine space artifact—if we can find the thing!

Keep up to date with student activities concerning Hornets in Space with this student generated blog.

Check back here for updates and images on Hornet 1

Click here to download the donation form.
A $25 donation reserves for you a genuine space Hornet (limited supplies will be available)


Beginning Friday April 7th at 2:30 pm you will be able to monitor the progress of Hornet 1 in real-time via both radio and satellite signals.
             For radio tracking click here (call sign is NY0H)
             For satellite tracking click here
Signals may experience blackout while Hornet 1 is above 50,000 feet but should reacquire upon decent.