Jamie Lewis 
Photo of Jamie Lewis
Kent Hipp 
Assistant Principal (H-O)
Photo of Kent Hipp
 Brianna Deas
 Assistant Principal (P-Z)
Photo of Brianna Deas
Chris Asmussen
Assistant Principal (A-G)
Athletic Director
Photo of Chris Asmussen
Melissa Seacat
 Post Secondary Programs Coordinator
Photo of Melissa Seacat

Guidance Office
Dale Garwood
Counselor (P-Z)
Photo of Dale Garwood
Amy McDonald
Counselor (A-G)
Photo of Amy McDonald
Aubrie Lehr 
Counselor (H-O)
Photo of Aubrie Lehr

Jennifer Gibson 
Photo of Jennifer Gibson

Administrative Office 
Stacy Barbour
Photo of Stacy Barbour
Carole Bowman
Photo of Carole Bowman
Tracy Harpool
Photo of Tracy Harpool

Stephanie Gillig
Athletics Secretary
     Photo of Stephanie Gillig   

Andrea Boone
Photo of Andrea Boone
Donna Fiene
Photo of Donna Fiene
Courtney Hoefer
Health Aide
Photo of Courtney Hoefer
 Jeremy Manning
SRO Officer
Photo of Jeremy Manning

  Megan Arzola
Photo of Megan Arzola

Michael Moseley
Photo of Michael Moseley
           Jill Buettgenbach
Photo of Jill Buettgenbach
Family and Consumer Science
  Cleta Sandlin
Photo of Cleta Sandlin

Foreign Language
Kerry Kennedy
Photo of Kerry Kennedy
Emily Simon
Photo of Emily Simon
  Olivia Smith
Photo of Olivia Smith
Language Arts
Amanda Markel
Photo of Amanda Markel

Amanda Leighton
Photo of Amanda Leighton
Erin Kowal
Photo of Erin Kowal
Jentry McDaniel
Photo of Jentry McDaniel
Kristen Allen
Photo of Kristen Allen
Carly Espinosa
Photo and Carly Espinosa

Shea Cooper
Photo of Shea Cooper

Jennifer Bailey
ELA Learning Support
Photo of Jennifer Bailey
Josh Ortiz
Photo of Josh Ortiz
Lisa Duerksen
Photo of Lisa Duerksen
Courtney Fields
Photo of Courtney Fields
Kristen Joyal
Photo of Kristen Joyal

Michelle Lange
Photo of Michelle Lange
Meagan Gilmore
Meagan Gilmore

  Chad Wilmott
Math Learning Support
Photo of Chad Wilmott
Performing Arts
Mike McCormick 
Photo of Mike McCormick
 Kara Whitaker
Photo of Kara Whitaker
  Jan Verboom 
Photo of Jan Verboom
Gavin Couvelha
Photo of Gavin Couvelha
Megan Upton-Tyner 
Photo of Megan Upton-Tyner
Physical Education
Scott L'Ecuyer
Photo of Scott L'Ecuyer

Amber Russell
Photo of Amber Russell

Stephanie Wilmott
Photo of Stephanie Wilmott
Justin Schwartz
Photo of Justin Schwartz

Troy Emig
Photo of Troy Emig

Eugene Allyn
Photo of Eugene Allyn

  Dillon Jackson
Photo of Dillon Jackson

Sara Pound
Photo of Sara Pound

Haley Freking
Photo of Haley Freking

Rebekah Carver
Photo of Rebekah Carver

Shelley Ballard
Photo of Shelley Ballard

Melissa Segovia
Phot of Melissa Segovia

Emily Reese
Photo of Emily Reese

Social Studies
Janeigh Dantzson
Photo of Janeigh Dantzson

Matt Klusener
Photo of Matt Klusener

Brian Shelton
Photo of Brian Shelton
Kaitlin Unrau
Photo of Kaitlin Unrau

Evan Hamm
Photo of Evan Hamm

Ty Unrau
Photo of Ty Unrau

 Matt Willis
Photo of Matt Willis
Industrial Technology
Jordan Doll
Photo of Jordan Doll

Jeremy Leduc
Photo of Jeremy LeDuc
Additional Staff
Amy Zwetow
ELL Coordinator
Photo of Amy Zwetow
Deanna Sterba
Photo of Deanna Sterba
Julie Sirignano
Photo of Julie Sirignano
Lisa Kellerby
Photo of Lisa Kellerby
Angela Persyn
Photo of Angela Persyn
Chris Edwards
  Voc. Sped
Photo of Chris Edwards
Kendra Jantz
Photo of Kendra Jantz
Amanda Lieber
Photo of Amanda Lieber

Kendall Snyder
Photo of Kendall Snyder
Beth Heatherly
Photo of Beth Heatherly
Logan Harpool
Photo of Logan Harpool
Sherry Davis
Photo of Sherry Davis
Kira Eddy-Ortiz
Photo of Kira Eddy-Ortiz

Jared McDaniel
Adaptive P.E.
Photo of Jared McDaniel
Alice Hartman
Physical Therapist
Photo of Alice Hartman
 Jessica Van Tassell
Behavioral Health Liaison
Photo of Jessica Van Tassell
Liz Wine
Social Worker
Photo of Liz Wine 
Alex Brown
Hornet Care Team
Photo of Alex Brown 
Kyasha Scott
Hornet Care Team
Photo of Kyasha Scott
Cameron McDaniel 
Photo of Cameron McDaniel
Kim Williams 
Psych Secretary
Photo of Kim Williams
 Neville Burdick
Full Time Sub
Photo of Neville Burdick

Food Service
Grace Bogarin
     Photo of Grace Bogarin    
Natasha Waters
Photo of Natasha Waters
Gretchen DeShazer
Photo of Gretchen DeShazer
Christi Stream
       Photo of Christi Stream      

Ashley Davis
Photo of Ashley Davis
Paras and Aides
Deb Breitigan
Photo of Deb Breitigan
Paige Yale
Photo of Paige Yale
Belvia Schultz
Photo of Belvia Schultz
Cris Brownlee
Photo of Cris Brownlee
Hannah Thompson
Photo of Hannah Thompson
Gloria Newsom
Photo of Gloria Newsome

Debbie Delong
Photo of Debbie Delong
Kim Murphy
Photo of Kim Murphy
Stephen Glotzbach
Photo of Stephen Glotzbach
Jeanette Unruh
Photo of Jeanette Unruh

Kathleen Hakenholz
Photo of Kathleen Hakenholz

Matthew Crippen
Photo of Matthew Crippen
Lucy Frye
Photo of Lucy Frye
Steven Howard
Photo of Steven Howard

Ben Staley
Photo of Ben Staley

Kenna Flicker
Photo of Kenna Flicker
Nathan Bruyere
Photo of Nathan Bruyere

Michelle Matson
Photo of Michelle Matson

Irene Gagnon
Photo of Irene Gagnon
Kathleen Schwarz
Photo of Kathleen Schwarz

Gail Gage
Photo of Gail Gage

Kim Williams
Photo of Kim Williams
Michael Newsom
Photo of Michael Newsom

Loretta Ewing
Photo of Loretta Ewing
Kent Winkenwader
Photo of Kent Winkenwader

Kerri Holding
Photo of Kerri Holding
Christina Skagen
Photo of Christina Skagen

Cassandra Boggs
Photo of Cassandra Boggs

Ernest McDonald
Photo of Ernest McDonald
Tony Blunck
      Photo of Tony Blunck     
Rosa Treto
             Photo of Rosa Treto            
Rigoberto Robles
Photo of Rigoberto Robles
Mark Spencer
Photo of Mark Spencer

Brad Phillips
Photo of Brad Phillips
Glynis Schulte
Photo of Glynis Schulte

Dylan Murphy
Photo of Dylan Murphy

Gloria Monarez
Photo of Gloria Monarez